Steps To Avoid Hangovers

By admin on October 21, 2017 in Hangovers

Shannon's Steps to Preventing a Hangover

hangover curesYou may be wondering who Shannon is and why she has any knowledge of the topic.  Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Shannon and I am the owner of this site!  I am embarrassed to admit that I have had a lot of experience with drinking alcohol. I do not consider myself to be an alcoholic but when I drink, I go heavy.  In my 20's, I would wake feeling horrible but by the end of the next day, I was at it again, at least a few times per week. It always seems to be easier when we are younger. Well years later, I still continue to drink but not as often. I am a single mom who has every other weekend free and so I live it up on my kid-free weekends.

There was a time when I would get deathly ill after a night of drinking. You would think after a few times, it would be enough for me to stop drinking. Instead, I continued to find different ways to ease my hangover and now I have my perfect cure.  Below are the steps I take to prevent a hangover:

  1. Before going out, I always make sure that I eat something that will absorb alcohol.  Something with bread seems to work well.
  2. Once I am out, I try to pace myself and drink a water between every two drinks or so. I should mention that I can drink beer like a rock star and even throw back a few shots.
  3. Once I am home, the first thing I do is drink Cold and Flu Alkaseltzer.  It is a MUST for me.  I get the dissolving tablets and it tastes like orange. If I know I am staying at friends, I bring it with me. I swear it is the one thing that prevents me from vomiting the next day.
  4. I drink a lot of water and keep a water bottle next to my bed.  Whenever I wake throughout the night (if I do), I take a drink of water.  Gatorade or any drink with electrolytes are good too.
  5. When I wake up, I drink a lot more water.
  6. It is recommended to eat eggs for breakfast.  I make a protein shake which includes a banana.  Banana's are also known to help with hangovers.
  7. I am usually feeling fine in the morning, just tired but I believe that showers (or baths) make me feel even better.  It is very refreshing!
  8. I continue to drink as much water as possible throughout the day.

If I am feeling tired the next day after drinking, then it's a good “hangover day”.  I have even found the energy to exercise later in the day on occasion.  I follow those steps religiously every time and if I don't, I will most likely end up very nauseated the next day.  It still happens from time to time but not enough for me to stop drinking!

Do you have any specific regimens that you follow?  Please contact me to share them with me and I may post your steps on this site.

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