REVIVER Electrolytes Tablets, 120 Hydrating Electrolyte Pills | MOST Oral Rehydration Salts per Capsule | Replacement Supplement for Cycling/Runners Stamina | Muscle Cramps Cure | Hangover Prevention

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Ever have an INTENSE workout or a couple of too many drinks? We've been there. Get headaches, fatigue, nausea, muscle cramps, or dizziness? You're probably dehydrated & need electrolyte replacement.

Electrolyte fluid loss can cause these symptoms. Whether from a hangover or strenuous activity the first thing doctors administer is electrolyte IV fluid. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the luxury of IV bags frequently. Water alone is not enough, and popular sports drinks are loaded with corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and hardly any electrolytes.

Introducing Reviver electrolyte tablets – Pedialyte for Adults
✓ Studies show oral rehydration salts, like Reviver are as effective or even superior to a saline IV
✓ Reviver is the MOST complete electrolyte supplement to prevent dehydration, rehydrate, recuperate, & feel great
✓ Use with a solid nutrition & hydration plan to optimize stamina, increase muscle performance, and reduce fatigue, headaches, & muscle cramps all the way through endurance events or drinking “marathons”
✓ The BEST value at 120 pills/bottle

Why is Reviver the best?
✓ Unlike other salt tablets or “hangover pills”, we use a complete, proprietary blend of 5 vital electrolytes (sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium & magnesium), in hastily absorbable capsules, perfectly balanced to replenish what the body loses.
✓ Our Vitamin B6, C, & D blend speeds absorption, AND has shown to help as a HANGOVER CURE.
✓ No sugar, artificial sweetener, coloring, questionable “herbal remedies”, and potentially dangerous substances. Natural, non-GMO ingredients. NO gluten/soy/dairy/yeast caffeine.
✓ Made in the USA in an FDA regulated, NSF GMP-certified facility, unlike other brands with ambiguous origins.

We consider in Reviver. If you don't feel better after trying it, we'll refund you 100%. Get a bottle now, so you'll be able to HYDRATE & feel GREAT!
PREVENT DEHYDRATION HEADACHES, FATIGUE, & MUSCLE CRAMPS: Reviver is a vitamin fortified electrolyte blend that SIGNIFICANTLY reduces awful dehydration symptoms caused by SWEATING, EXERCISE, drinking ALCOHOL, and heat stress.
REVIVER IS BETTER: Featured in “Sports Illustrated Gift Guide 2016 Holiday Presents for Sports Fans”. Our highly bio-available, quick absorb vegetarian capsule is convenient, portable, has ZERO calories and contains MORE electrolytes than popular “sports drinks” WITHOUT the dangerous sugar, corn syrup, artificial additives, and questionable “natural remedies”
WATER ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH: Sweat, exertion, alcohol consumption, and getting sick all cause electrolyte and fluid loss. Reviver has the same electrolytes medically administered via IV fluid, plus essential vitamins to help you rehydrate faster and replenish what is lost.
REAL RECOVERY: Unlike other supplement companies we won't lie and tell you Reviver is a panacea or hangover CURE. What we can say, is after a triathlon, marathon, tough crossfit WOD, or a weekend in Vegas, it WILL help you RECOVER FASTER and make you FEEL GOOD again
OUR PROMISE: We know how well Reviver works and stand in the back of our product unconditionally. Take it as directed, and we GUARANTEE you are going to REHYDRATE more effectively and FEEL BETTER. If you don't then we'll refund you 100%.

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