Mischief Manager: Hangover Remedy & Prevention Supplement Pills with Liver Detox & Support | Adaptogens and Nootropics - contains Milk Thistle, L-Theanine, Ginger, Damage Recovery, Ashwagandha

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TLDR: Take these to help your hangover.

You probably already have something to help you when you start feeling sick, maybe something for allergies or when you fly, something for when your stomach hurts. But you have nothing for when you drink. That's crazy and you comprehend it. Enter Damage Control: We will be able to not only help you feel better, but help your body deal with the damage you did to it. And you know you did some damage.

Look deeper into any ingredient in Damage Control. We've added Nootropics and Adaptogens to help with regulating mood so you'll be able to easily enjoy your day. We know you're a hardworking person and the nausea, headaches and general irritability caused by hangovers can ruin your mood and make you more snappy and frustrated about even the tiniest annoyances that wouldn't normally happen given you hadn't drank. At Damage Control we aim for subtle differences with a premium formula that doesn't have the same chances at toxicity with cheap shortcuts our competitors take like Folic Acid which is a waste by-product and we instead choose to use 5-Methylfolate & Methylcobalamin to help with your Methylation,which are well absorbed by the body.

The other main reason your hangover bothers you and really weighs down your day with inflammation and irritability is as a result of Acetalydehyde(the hangover chemical). Acetalydehyde is the chemical that gives you the euphoric effect at the same time as drinking. Once it's in the blood the next morning some try DHM to stop a hangover, a bad idea, you wish to have to actually DETOXIFY the Acetalydehyde which is why we put a potent Milk Thistle Extract, Vit. C in it's buffered form(to help ease stomach upset) and Magnesium into Mischief Manager. This will help clear the hangover chemical from your body more quickly and efficiently! Along with Ginger for nausea.
✔ Nausea Relief: Take 1 serving per 6ish drinks *at the same time as* drinking and you'll be able to wake up nausea free! Our encapsulations are filled with Ginger, Vitamin C, and Milk Thistle Extract and our antioxidants elixir will help calm your stomach and neutralize the acetaldehyde toxin, making you feel instantly better.*
✔ Lift your Mood and Energy Levels: A powerful Nootropic Stack and Adaptogenic Herbs will help kick off your hangover recovery and bring you back to a place where you'll be able to feel better, and function at a high level with additional Adrenal fatigue support. These powerful botanicals and nutrients were specifically chosen to help you bounce back and focus on the things that matter. They're going to help stimulate dopamine and provide stress-relief from the toxic effects of alcohol. Caffeine Free.*
✔ A Potent Multivitamin Formula: Perfect add-on for your hangover kit. Party Smart and Drink Smart. Our first line in your hangover defense. Enjoy your nightlife again and find some relief! The base of Mischief Manager is a potent multivitamin containing a special B-Complex, Sulbutiamine, D3 & K2(mk-7) and Sodium Ascorbate that will refill you with nutrients you've lost right through your night and help boost your glutathione status naturally and help you get back to your daily routine effectively.*
✔ Headaches: The hangover relief you wish to have. We've added anti-inflammatory herbs such as Ashwagandha Extract, Ginseng Extract, Schisandra Berries and a chelated form of Magnesium to help ease have an effect on of headaches, if not completely stop them in their tracks. These headaches are being caused by depletion of essential nutrients due to alcohol being a diuretic and inflammation to the body caused by acetaldehyde. Tylenol and Ibuprofen are just going to add insult to injury on an already damaged liver.*
✔ Advanced Liver Detoxification: Best holistic liver support cleanse for a serious drinker – Milk Thistle(30:1), Sodium Ascorbate, Sulbutiamine( B1) and the Mg Chelate will all work together in overtime to help clear your body of toxins.* ✔METHYLATION SUPPORT: MethylFolate and Methyl b12 will help your DNA repair, regenerate itself and function again.* ✔ A Hangover Cure you count on: Just shoot us a message if you're dissatisfied for ANY reason and we'll refund you, no questions asked.

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