Happy Hour Vitamins Multivitamin Formulated Supplement Capsules for Hangover & Liver Support - 20 Pack

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Happy Hour Vitamins -Avoid Hangovers, Live and Feel Better

If you hate hangovers, you'll love Happy Hour Vitamins. Specifically formulated for those who drink alcohol, this multivitamin helps to prevent hangovers and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized when you wake up after a night of drinking.

A Hangover is More than Dehydration
Problem: Alcohol decreases your B vitamin levels, leaving you tired and weak.
Solution: Happy Hour Vitamins contains a powerful B vitamin boost to restore your energy and metabolism.

Problem: Alcohol weakens your immune system
Solution: With a potent C vitamin complex, Happy Hour Vitamins helps to fortify your immune system against potential threats.

Problem: Alcohol releases harmful free radicals and toxic acetaldehyde which is 30x more toxic than the alcohol itself.
Solution: This hangover pill contains powerful antioxidant compounds and N-acetyl Cysteine which breaks down and neutralizes acetaldehyde quickly and efficiently.

Problem: Alcohol places a major strain on your liver.
Solution: Happy Hour Vitamins helps to fortify your liver with an herbal blend of milk thistle and artichoke leaf extract, used for centuries as liver toughen supplements.

Using Happy Hour Vitamins to prevent hangovers is simple: just take one dose Whilst/before drinking, and another at the end of the night. The hangover packets are small and easy to take with you. Quit looking for a hangover cure, kill your hangover before it starts and wake up day after today feeling great! The perfect hangover kit. Whilst these are hangover pills… Please Drink Responsibly, will not prevent intoxication and/or bad decisions.
If you don't seem to be fully satisfied, email us and we will be able to make it right

HAPPY HOUR VITAMINS IS A MULTIVITAMIN SPECIALLY FORMULATED TO HELP WITH HANGOVERS. Convenient individual packets makes hangover prevention easy by taking 1 dose (2 hangover pills) before/Whilst drinking. On days of extended drinking we suggest a second dose later in the evening. Forgot to take Happy Hour Vitamins and woke up Hungover? Take a pack of Happy Hour Vitamins as your hangover cure!
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED & BONUS OUTSMARTING HANGOVERS EBOOK we stand at the back of our product because we created it with ourselves in mind. These are the hangover pills you are looking for!
KILL YOUR HANGOVER BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS with powerful vitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant, herbal blend. Preventing hangovers works better than a hangover cure or cures you'll be able to try.
GET RID OF TOXIC ACETALDEHYDE POISONING that adds to your hangovers with N-acetyl Cysteine. Protect your liver with milk thistle, kudzu flower powder, and artichoke leaf extract. Paired with water makes the perfect hangover kit.
TURBO-CHARGE YOUR ENERGY AND METABOLISM with a big B vitamin boost & Make stronger your immune system with a potent C vitamin complex.

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