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“Hangover Preventer” is a clinically proven natural herbal hangover helper and prevention treatment.

✔ Effective!
Prevents hangovers before they start by:
1. Strongly Nourishes Fluids
2. Moves Blood to deliver Fresh Oxygen to Cells
3. Detoxes the Liver (Important for Liver Health)
4. Assists Alcohol Digestion
5. Prevents Fluid Loss
6. Prevent Headaches.

✔ The Science In the back of It:
Alcohol is a diuretic which causes the body to eliminate water from cells as a result of the suppression of the hormone Vasopressin or Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH).
Vasopressin usually helps the body reuse water released by the kidneys, but when it is suppressed, the water is eliminated in urine (for this reason drinkers have to urinate so continuously). Headaches occur from tissue shrinkage as the body borrows much needed water from the brain.

✔ Prevention!
According to research, drinking an alcoholic beverage causes the body to eliminate 4 times as much water as is taken in!
Most hangover remedies and medicine can help you feel the pain and other symptoms and then try to catch up after the fact.

“Hangover Preventer” starts to prevent hangovers even as you are drinking which is more effective and better for your body's long term health.

The Best Hangover Prevention Pills -great for New Year's Eve, Weddings and other parties. ✔ Clinical Experience & Directions:
For best results follow directions!
1. Take 1st dose (based on body weight) at the start of drinking alcohol
2. Take 2nd dose at the end of drinking.
3. For extra heavy drinking, take a 3rd dose all through the course of drinking.
CLINICALLY PROVEN HANGOVER PILLS: Most hangover pills can help you feel the pain and then start to work. Hangover Preventer starts working “as you drink” to prevent hangover symptoms like headaches, nausea and dry mouth before they start!
NATURAL VEGETARIAN HERBS: Herbs like Costus Root detox the liver, and Medicated Leven aids alcohol digestion. Monkey Grass nourishes fluids, harmonizes the liver & spleen and clear damp heat preventing dry mouth, headaches & nausea.
SUPPORTS THE BODY'S ABILITY TO PROCESS ALCOHOL. Without drugs, this no hangover kit prevents hangovers eliminating the need for cures or other remedies the use of natural herbs thus curing hangovers before they start. Great hangover pills!
ALL NATURAL HERBS: These hangover pills prevent hangovers the use of no artificial ingredients, harsh western painkillers or caffeine. This formula is also great for indigestion, nausea and delicate digestive systems. Take with heavy, greasy meals for instant relief!
SUPERIOR QUALITY: Unlike most hangover cure pills, ours is encapsulated in California in a GMP FDA certified facility with herbs tried and true for centuries! You get fast, effective results without having to worry about potential side effects or quality. The Best Hangover Pills

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