Prickly Pear Cactus Hangover Cure; the Answer to Holiday Hangovers

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Hangover Remedy – Prickly Pear Cactus

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and this means shopping, decorating, family gatherings, office parties, gift exchange, and let’s not forget good ole’ jolly cheer. All these exciting occasions and events are sure to be accompanied by a good cocktail or a few beers. It’s amazing how many people go the entire year without overindulging in alcohol, but once the holidays arrive, it’s an open bar.

The biggest headache during the holiday season usually comes after a night of drinking and is known as the hangover. You’ve been there before, but why does each hangover seem worse than the last? You try a new cure with each one because nothing seems to be good enough but there may be a gift for your hangover this holiday season. Prickly pear cactus has joined the ranks or tops the ranks as one of the best cures for a hangover. Now, you may not want to try and say “prickly pear cactus” too fast, or while you’re slightly inebriated, but it’s something you may want to have in your stocking this season.

What is Prickly Pear Cactus?

If you’ve searched the internet for hangover cures, you’ve likely stumbled across it before. But if this is your first party, it may be something you’ve never heard of or tried in the past. While prickly pear cactus is not a stand-alone cure for any hangover, it is a wonderful companion to other cures you try. It is a very common folk remedy in Mexican and Native American cultures. Known to treat everything from severe burns to serious illnesses, such as diabetes. The extract from the skin of the prickly pear is what contributes to hangover relief. In fact, it is believed to seriously trim the symptoms of a hangover.

The Attack on the Hangover

You don’t want to wake up to a hangover with no other curing agents but having the prickly pear cactus on hands does work to attack a few symptoms of the hangover. The ability to alleviate one or more symptoms is a great start to ridding yourself of all the symptoms that occur with a hangover. The extract works to alleviate an upset stomach and is a great cure for dry mouth. Add something to cure that headache and you’re likely to feel better in no time. Prickly works as a preventive measure that may work best if taken prior to drinking. The effects may not be as great if you wait to take it once the hangover has attacked.

Why the Prickly Pear?

prickly pear cactus hangover cureIf you’ve ever seen a prickly pear, you know that it has details that strongly resemble a cactus, hence the term prickly. It isn’t ideal to try and eat the skin of it because it’s the extract that is needed to fight the hangover. Prickly pear has anti-inflammatory features, which aids in soothing the organs that become inflamed from alcohol consumption. Once alcohol moves through the liver, it causes inflammation and decreases the healthy function of it over time. For those who consume alcohol often and in large amounts, hangover or no hangover, protection of the liver is essential, and this is where prickly pear cactus contributes the greatest.

The Preventive Cure

You’ve likely tried or heard of many different hangover cures in the past. Some work okay, while others may just taste bad or make the symptoms worse. Prickly pear cactus is a preventive aide that helps to offset some of the misery that occurs after heavy drinking. It is ideal to stop something bad from happening before it actually takes place. You will likely find that by taking it hours before you splurge on alcohol, it reduces some of the anguish and pain you feel the following morning. Many other hangover cures are applied during the hangover and you are forced to wait on them to work. This means sleeping, walking or dragging through the symptoms until they disappear. The magic of the prickly is that some of the symptoms don’t show up for the hangover party and if they do, they’re less intrusive. Your biggest headache would be to get rid of the headache itself, and possibly a little dizziness, but all other common symptoms will seem minimal at best.

Where to Find Prickly Pear Cactus

The name alone may lead you to believe that you’ll have to travel to retrieve the cactus fruit from the desert. That would be a headache of its own. There are a variety of forms of the fruit available online, in a supplement, on Amazon and whole food stores or from your vitamin retailer. It is important to obtain the extract when purchasing, as this is the most effective for hangover cures.  We recommend IMBIBE for hangovers.

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