Milk Thistle for Hangovers

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Does Milk Thistle Help Relieve Hangovers? Here is What We Found…

Dry mouth, pounding headache, belly churning and the spinning room! You know the feeling all too well, the HANGOVER! No matter how many times you tell yourself that you would never drink that much again, you somehow find yourself in this horrible place once again.

If there was ever a time when things didn’t go as planned, it’s the morning after a night out having just a couple drinks. You fall asleep alone and wake up with a crazy hangover. This can’t be the result of those couple drinks you had or was it more like six? Who are you kidding? You lost count after the fourth one. Now, it hurts your head to even think about counting. Why are hangovers so awful? What makes them linger around so long? Why isn’t there just a pill to take to cure them?

The Cause of Hangovers

There is no question as to what causes a hangover, it’s clearly the result of excessive drinking. Aside from the obvious, what makes you feel so crappy when you have one or have drank too much? For that, we have an answer.

Alcohol is a diuretic, and it dehydrates you before water absorption is allowed. Therefore, dehydration is one of the biggest contributing factors to that hangover you’re experiencing. Many drinkers think they can trick Mr. Hangover by sipping water along with their alcoholic beverage. Unfortunately, this rarely prevents the hangover from showing up to the party later. Alcohol also irritates the stomach, which is what primarily leads to the feeling of an upset stomach the morning after drinking. It depletes the body of necessary minerals and vitamins. This creates an imbalance that makes it difficult to rest properly. Even worse for women, you have fewer enzymes to help metabolize the beverages containing alcohol. Which means, you’re more likely to get a hangover before your guy friend who has thrown back a couple more shots than you have at this point.

As if the information above isn’t enough to explain the cause, here’s another thought to ponder. As you get older, you become more susceptible to hangovers. This probably explains why it becomes more difficult for most people to drink as much when they’re older.

The Cure?

You were probably anxious to get to this section, I’m sure. For years, people have searched to find the ultimate hangover cure. Scientists and researchers have made a few strides in finding relief, but no cure is in sight just yet. However, we do have a few ideas to help provide some much-needed relief from that killer headache or hangover.

thisilyn milk thistle for hangoversMilk Thistle Hangover Relief

Milk Thistle, say it real fast. Now, try saying it while you’re hungover. You may not be able to say it, but you’ll likely want to take it to alleviate your symptoms. This is an herb that is most known for protecting the liver. When used for hangover relief, take it prior to and following a night of drinking. You may have also heard of Thisilyn Milk Thistle, which is often used to provide hangover relief. It works great for nauseated stomach, which is a solid symptom of many hangovers. The results will vary among users, but it can be helpful to use a supplement for liver protection when indulging in large amounts of alcohol. Milk thistle consists of various phytochemicals that promote healthy living. This herb originated in European countries but can be found around the U.S. and Australia. Here is a breakdown of the contributions of the supplement.

Milk Thistle extract is a traditional herb that has more than 2,000 years of existence. In it, you will find silymarin, which is a contributor to liver health and shields it from harm caused by toxins. It is also used for detoxification, hepatic cirrhosis, anti-aging, chronic hepatitis, diabetes and other conditions. The recommended dosage is typically up to 800mg daily, acquired in single or double dosages. Because people metabolize alcohol at different rates based on circumstances such as weight, frequency, and type of alcohol intake and age, it can be challenging to determine just how effective the herb is for combatting hangovers.

The herb does seem to be much more effective for people who are chronic alcohol drinkers. There is a different level of enzymes involved and the herb has a history of interrupting these types of enzymes. This prompts the belief that it does have somewhat of an effect on some hangovers.

Hangovers are dreadful and can linger for long periods at a time. The only known prevention is to abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages. But if you have a night of fun and a few drinks planned, you may want to try Milk Thistle before and after you drink to find a little relief.

What are your thoughts on milk thistle for hangovers? Have you tried it and have felt relief?

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