Eliminating the Hangover Headache

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How to Get Rid of a Hangover Headache

Alcohol can have a tremendous effect on the brain and the body. It is a toxic substance that delivers a combination of symptoms to the body. Initially, the effects of intoxication may appear to be quite pleasurable, but eventually, the feeling is anything but a joy to endure. The liver, brain, blood vessels, kidneys and lining of the stomach are all at risk of being affected by too much alcohol intake.

Ask anyone about their last hangover and if they remember nothing else, they can always recall a hangover headache. There is something about that pounding, dizzy and unbalanced feeling that maximizes the pain in your head. As you drink alcohol, your vision becomes blurry, you don’t perceive things as you should, you become uncoordinated and off-balance and your reaction ability are limited. These are a few of the symptoms to expect along with a headache. Once your inhibitions begin to diminish, your ability to use sound judgment is negatively impacted also. Imagine all these things or symptoms coming on at once, in addition to a headache.

A headache Is easily amplified by vertigo, lethargy, hiccups, temporary memory loss, stupor, decreased breathing, and vomiting. The primary goal of most people who are experiencing a hangover headache is to eliminate the pain associated with it and let every other symptom work itself out.

Here are a few suggestions to help eliminate a hangover headache:

  • Limit Alcohol Intake- of course, this goes without saying, but choosing to drink a little less could prevent that headache from showing up in the morning. Gender, body weight, and other factors are to be considered when determining how much alcohol is too much. These things affect your blood concentration or the level of alcohol in your blood. Some people may get a hangover after consuming only 2 or 3 drinks, while some may be able to drink 12 or more before they have a headache from drinking too much alcohol.
  • Rest-Up – keep in mind that while your head may be pounding, you should try to get some rest. Decreased quality of sleep and amount of sleep are impacted by alcohol consumption. Increased alcohol intake typically causes a disruption in normal sleep patterns. A lack of sleep can easily lead to a headache, but since yours is likely because of the hangover, take a nap to get rid of it quicker. Once you get some sleep, your headache may not be completely gone, but you should feel better.
  • Avoid Loud Spaces – there are times when you won’t be able to do anything but allow a headache to wear off. During these times, make sure to avoid loud or noisy spaces. The drop of a pin can cause a flare when dealing with a hangover. If home, retreat to your room, close the door to eliminate the possibility of being disturbed by loud voices or walking throughout the house.
  • Eat Breakfast – this can’t be stressed enough. No matter how much you don’t want to look at food during a hangover, you need food to eliminate many of the symptoms that have appeared. Eggs, Greek yogurt, bananas, milk and high-protein foods are all great options to choose from when deciding what to eat for breakfast. Sometimes the sight of food may make you want to hurl, but trying to keep something on your stomach is one of the best ways to fight a hangover.
  • Go for a Walk – fresh air can really make the difference in a banging headache and a slight headache. The fresh air can help you to get over a hangover in little to no time. You don’t have to jog, although you can if you choose to do so. However, if you have a headache, you may want to restrict it to a slightly brisk walk. A walk in the park, around your neighborhood or on an outdoor track are great places to stroll. Take in the scenery to relax your mind and before you know it, the headache will be a distant memory.

If all else fails and the headache seems to be more than you can handle, consider taking an OTC pain pill that your medical provider has previously approved. Even when trying the suggestions above, it may be best to pair them with a hangover pill to eliminate a headache quicker. You will likely discover that every hangover is different and what worked before, may not be as effective the next time around. Pay attention to the types of alcohol that tend to make the symptoms worse and avoid those at all cost.

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