Hangover Treatments from the Old Days

By admin on November 8, 2017 in Hangovers

Hangovers are definitely not the new kid on the block, as they’ve been around since people have known how to drink alcohol. Equally, as long as the indulgence of liquor has existed, the painful headaches and dizziness that accompany it have caused people to search for a cure. Although the search has been long, treacherous and amusing at times, the success of the search has proven to be touch and go.

Out of all the hangover treatments around, there has to be one or more that top the list of old and ancient. There are a number of treatments out there, but which ones did your grandparents or great-grandparents try? You may be surprised at some of the remedies they turned to when a hangover greeted them in the morning. Of course, trying these now would likely be nothing short of bizarre, you’ve got to give an applause for their innovative thinking.

Here are a few treatments from back in the day:

  1. Snort Tree Ivy Juice – chances of you finding tree ivy juice are far and few between, and the idea of snorting it probably deters you from even attempting to search. However, modern-day Englanders would stuff their nostrils with tree ivy juice. This method was encouraged by the herbalist, Nicholas Culpeper, who also accredited the occurrences of some diseases to astrology. Yea, this method was probably an epic fail.


  1. Tree Sap and Bird Beaks – an ancient treatment from Assyria consisted of grinding up bird beaks and mixing it with myrrh which is the fragrant resin of a Commiphora tree. Once mixed, it was to be eaten. Pretty sure that opting to suffer through the hangover may beat out this treatment.


  1. Lace Armpits with lemon and lick – that’s right. You read that right! This has got to be one of the most daring and hilarious hangover treatments of ancient times. Primarily used in Puerto Rico, rubbing armpits with lemon or lime before drinking was thought to prevent the impact that alcohol would have on the drinker. Wow!


  1. Got Sweat? – modern-day tribes firmly believed that licking your sweat the morning of a hangover would allow you to take in the toxins and swish them around in your mouth. Being sure not to swallow, but spit them out afterward was the key. This is probably the least appealing idea of them all, but if you want to try it, work up a sweat by taking that jog and see if it works for you. You’ll probably hurl if you try this, but hey, it is your sweat.


  1. Coca-Cola and milk – back in the 30s, New York City hotels would serve up a glass of Coca-Cola and milk to customers who had consumed too much alcohol the night before. According to bartenders, their patrons would nap after drinking the concoction and when they woke up, they felt better. This is probably one of the more sensible, yet questionable hangover treatments from years ago.


  1. Vinegar – the enamel on your teeth would likely beg to differ, but 19th-century medical advisers suggest drinking lots of vinegar to cure a hangover, whew! And all that you don’t drink, rub it on your temple. This is going to taste and smell a bit overwhelming, but if a headache is bad enough, you may not notice.


  1. Raw Eel– Medieval Europe favored this cure over all else. Imagine the thought of eating raw fish, yeah, I couldn’t either, but they lived by this one. Those in Portugal would eat lamprey that had been boiled in a mixture of its own blood and wine. While lamprey is not specifically eel, it was considered somewhat the same back in the 1200s.


  1. Kitchen Mixers – a unique concoction that people relied on to cure their hangovers was somewhat of a special mixture of items that you likely have in your kitchen today. They would mix a portion of cornstarch and buttermilk, warm it up a little, after seasoning it with pepper and salt, then gulp it down. From your taste buds to your stomach, either spot sounds like a bubbly blast in the bathroom.

Hangover treatments are much more reasonable these days, at least most of them are. The above mentioned were likely quite reasonable to people who lived during those times. If you’ve ever dealt with the consequences of a night of heavy drinking, you may be willing to try a number of crazy remedies just to say goodbye to those horrible hangovers.

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