Hangover Symptoms You May Not Know About

By admin on December 7, 2017 in Hangovers

Did You Know About These Hangover Symptoms?

hangover symptomsIf you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a great holiday party, a night out with friends, a milestone celebration or other similar festivities, chances are you’ve also enjoyed a few drinks. It wouldn’t be so bad if the drinks weren’t followed by a terrible hangover, but for many, it’s a sure sign that the night before was nothing short of epic. If you could do it all again, you’d probably say no to that last drink or two – on second thought, you probably wouldn’t have.

How is it that each time you experience a hangover, there seems to be a new symptom?  It has a lot to do with the type of alcohol consumed, eating behaviors before you drank and other factors. However, there are several symptoms associated with the common hangover that you may have never experienced. Of course, there is no desire to feel any more symptoms than you have in the past, but it’s good to know what symptoms may occur if you’ve had a night of drinking and fun.

Everyone is familiar with the common hangover symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting and more. Here are a few symptoms that most people aren’t familiar with or aware of when a hangover occurs.

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

Various studies have reflected that there are nearly 50 reported symptoms of hangovers. The most prevalent symptoms were drowsiness and reduced cognitive function.

Fatigue is a hangover symptom that can actually linger after other symptoms have subsided. The body has to recondition itself in order to return to a normal state. The alcohol takes a toll on the body, which can make you feel drained, sleepy or a considerable lack of energy. A person may feel fatigued for a couple days after the onset of the hangover.

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Depression is often overlooked but likely occurs with a hangover. There is a mixture of mental and physical emotions that are caused by out of whack hormones due to drinking. Many times, people will bounce back from the depressed state, but in more severe cases people often turn to more alcohol to drown their woes. This can lead to serious issues including increased sadness, withdrawal from friends and family and alcoholism. If you feel that the only way to boost your spirits or feel better throughout the day is to have another drink, it may be time to stop drinking or talk to a professional.

Cognitive impairment – you would be surprised to learn how many people are unaware of their cognitive impairment when drinking. It is likely that you feel every action and word is justified until the next morning arrives and you realize you’ve made some really bad decisions. Normal activities seem to be a challenge and rational thinking is somewhat foreign during a hangover. Alcohol can temporarily have a negative effect on cognitive and motor functions. While they usually return to their normal state once the hangover is gone and you have sobered up completely.

Anxiety is one of the least recognized symptoms of a hangover, especially in people that are generally anxious anyway. However, consumption of too much alcohol can cause you to become somewhat anxious. The anxiety reflects on everything that is going on around you and is sometimes mistaken as paranoia. You may want to consider riding out your hangover in the comfort of your own home when possible, as it can be overwhelming to be in a crowd or with other people.

Irritability is a symptom that easily finds its way to the scene of almost every hangover. After all, you’re dealing with a banging headache, an upset stomach, dizziness and much more. It is only normal that you become easily agitated at the sound of the slightest move. This is another reason that it is recommended to find an isolated area to relax in until the hangover wears off. Keep in mind that while a hangover is horrid, it won’t help to get irritated with others who had nothing to do with your current state. Find a nice spot and sleep it off or better yet, get out and take in some fresh air while taking a brisk walk, you’ll be glad you did.

While you may have a hangover that displays one or more of the above symptoms, there is always the possibility that you could experience symptoms not mentioned here with a hangover. The best way to eliminate any of these symptoms is to prepare before you drink.

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