Whey Protein

Whey Protein Works to Cure Your Hangover

Whey Protein for hangoversIt has happened to you or at least someone you know, the nagging hangover. Waking up with a hangover can make one feel that the world is on top of their head, literally. A pounding head and dry mouth, accompanied by a severe loss of energy are common occurrences of a hangover.

There are many stories and myths about what can be done to cure a hangover. However, there is one cure that many are not aware of and probably have the item in their home right now. The amino acids work to flush toxins that build up in the liver. Toxins develop in the liver, as it attempts to eliminate the alcohol passing via the blood. The amino acids in whey protein assist in the detoxification of the liver, which helps it to flush out the harmful toxins of alcohol.

Once a person has consumed too much alcohol, resulting in a hangover, recovery time can be expedited by eating protein. It also replenishes the amino acids that were depleted due to excessive use of alcohol. Protein is a healthy nutrient and helps to increase the supply of energy to the body. Hangovers can cause a loss of energy and leaves one to feel drained. The intake of whey protein is an excellent way to overcome the drop of energy and to eliminate the dangers toxins obtained from excessive alcohol use.

If a mild hangover is suspected, whey protein could alleviate the symptoms in a short period of time.