Miso Soup

miso soup for hangoversMiso Soup to Cure Hangovers

Miso is a paste made by fermenting soybeans with salt and the kōji fungus. It's got a lot of what the hungover need. High in protein, B vitamins and sodium, miso has the added benefit of probiotics which can help calm the riotous gut.

When combined with a hydrating and nutritious broth as well as more protein and B-vitamin-rich ingredients like tofu, clams and wakame, miso soup will defeat a hangover of truly epic proportions.

Of particular interest to the over-indulgencia may be Nagatanien’s Shijimi Miso Soup. The shijimi claim has itself long been recognized as a hangover cure in Japan and China. These little monsters contain taurine and ornithine, both of which can help your body to detox the superfund site oozing through your veins.

Nagatanien cleverly recognizes these rejuvinating properties to market to the damned demographic. Notice the overflowing beer stein on the packaging. “For people who like their drink,” it says.