Menudo Is a Great Option to Cure Hangovers

menudo for hangoversMention the word “Menudo” and many thoughts come to mind, but for some, it means the end of a treacherous hangover. Most commonly recognized as a popular and delicious Mexican soup, it can actually help you get over a hangover.

Menudo is made using tripe and is said to arouse the senses, replenish the inner body and best of all, clear the fog that lurks in the head during a hangover. Some believe that it is simply the mixture of spices that cause a distraction, which makes one forget about the hangover. However, this is relatively hard to believe because anyone who has ever experienced a hangover knows that you can’t just not think about it to make the symptoms go away.

Menudo takes several hours to prepare and may not be available the moment a hangover occurs. It is a good soup that freezes well and could be easily retrieved when needed for the cure. Preparation of the dish varies among kitchens but the basic concept is the same and any variation can contribute to the cure of a hangover. If time is not in your favor and an immediate cure is needed, perhaps another alternative would be best. However, if there is some Menudo soup in the fridge, enjoy a bowl and watch that hangover disappear.