Kudzu Root

Kudzu Root Can Help Rid Hangovers

Kudzu root is a traditional method that among other uses, is commonly utilized for the treatment of hangovers. It is a natural approach that trumps the highly favored, but not recommended devouring of coffee.

Studies show that the root aides in the reduction of alcohol consumption. The presence of isoflavones or isoflavonoids are active compounds that decrease drinking. It is believed that the active molecules in the root transport alcohol to the brain faster. This leads one to feel intoxicated much quicker and not want to drink much more. Some studies show that it interferes with a specific enzyme that contributes to the breakdown of alcohol.

Because this natural approach decreases the level of alcohol consumed, it is considered effective for the prevention of a hangover. Studies indicate that once consumed, the desire for alcohol minimizes causing the person to drink less alcohol than they would without the natural root. The root is considered a preventive measure in that it causes the person to desire less alcohol. It is also used to help decrease symptoms associated with hangovers, such as nausea, vomiting, headache, and dizziness. Studies have revealed that ingesting supplements of the plant has the potential to cut the intake of alcohol by a margin of 20 percent.

Exercise caution when purchasing kudzu root, as not all sellers offer the authentic product.