Reach for Kombucha When Your Next Hangover Strikes

kombuchaThe office party, holiday gatherings, wedding reception or a night out with friends all have one thing in common, the hangover. Though it may not occur each time, it is highly likely to make an appearance after at least one of these event types.

Other than deciding what the next drink will be, the biggest decision is deciding what to take for that killer hangover. There are a few options, many of which you may have tried in the past. For those hangovers that are extremely severe and almost impossible to handle, kombucha offers significant relief. It is one of the most successful home remedies used for hangovers and has quickly become hailed as the king of hangover cures.

Kombucha contains vitamin-filled supplement and can be obtained from health food retailers. This supplement is in the form of fermented sweet tea that has a variety of bacteria and cultures of yeast. These offer a tremendous benefit to the body. In a large, tightly sealed container, submerge the kombucha into the tea (green or black) and allow it to ferment from one to two weeks. It can be repeatedly used for hangovers, as it is filled with butyric, acetic, lactic, oxalic, glucuronic and malic acids. The overwhelming amount of acids being poured back into your system helps rejuvenate the body quickly and kick it into repair mode from the damage that set in from the excessive amounts of alcohol consumed.

Kombucha is a leading go-to as a quick cure for the occasional hangover. While it is common for one to experience symptoms of a hangover from time to time, they should not become part of the weekend regimen. Always drink with caution.

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