Raw Eggs to Help With Hangovers

Raw egg beverages are a favorite of manly fictional characters from Rocky Balboa to James Bond. For Agent 007, a quick cure for that morning after shaken feeling was the prairie oyster; one raw egg with Worcestershire, hot sauce, salt, and pepper taken as a shot. My own theory is that the effectiveness of this cure lies in its tendency to remove from one's system any alcohol which might remain in the stomach; along with whatever else is in there at the time. Luckily for us, eggs keep their re-humanizing properties when cooked. Take it from Jesco.

A couple things about eggs are germane to our condition and the relief thereof. Eggs are packed with lots of stuff that's going to put you on the road to wellville. The B vitamins in eggs will help to put your shattered nerves back together again. The zinc helps your liver to break down the toxins in your blood. Probably most importantly though, eggs are packed with amino acids.


Eggs are protein rich. In fact eggs are second only to breastmilk as a source of bioavailable protein. (Which, if you can get your hands on some breastmilk (or breastmilk on your hands), by all means do.) Proteins are made up of amino acids and eggs are just packed with them. When you eat an egg, your body unpacks those amino acids and puts them to work in all kinds of beneficial ways. Maybe the most important amino acid for our purposes here is called cysteine.cysteine for hangovers

One of the reasons you feel hungover the morning after is that your liver has metabolized the alcohol in your system into acetaldehyde and acetaldehyde is toxic. You are literally full of poison. Cysteine helps your liver to break down the acetaldehyde in your blood into acetic acid (basically vinegar) and acetic acid may itself have a beneficial effect in that it balances your body's ph level.

Of course, as great as eggs are for nerve function and in helping break down toxins, they don't do much for hydration. So, have some water or high-electrolyte fluid with your eggs and you'll be right as rain.