Eggs for Hangovers and Other Weird Cures

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eggs for hangoversThe room is spinning, your head is pounding and every little move feels as if it could be your last. It’s the hangover from hell, and you don’t care how, you just want it gone. This is how most people feel after a night of partying, drinking or other occasions that included a few adult beverages. The feeling is one that is indescribable to most, which is also why many seek a quick cure, such as eggs for hangovers.

There are some hangover cures that are just too weird to try, such as the infamous tripe soup. You know the one that requires you to consume the lining of a cow’s stomach. Yeah! Not quite that hungover, right? Perhaps something more digestible would be easier to fathom, like eggs for hangovers. This cure has been around for years and some swear by it, and once the headache kicks in or kicks your butt, chugging a few eggs doesn’t sound that bad.

Eggs for Hangovers

The incredible edible eggs may have just enough super power to cure that hangover. Take them fried, boiled, raw or scrambled to help alleviate the dreadful signs of a hangover. While some have the misconception that the grease from the eggs absorbs the alcohol, this is not the case. Eggs have amino acid cysteine, which works to break down acetaldehyde. This is the toxin that leads to those horrendous hangovers. There are some cases where eggs may not be the all-in cure but they can help to decrease the struggle. So, feed that hangover with eggs and you’ll feel better sooner than later.

Not feeling the eggs or perhaps you don’t have any on hand, here are a few other options to cure the hangover.

Grab a Banana

The consumption of too much alcohol can rob the system of needed electrolytes. This is the reason some people feel jittery after drinking alcohol. After a night of drinking, if you awake to muscles that are sore and you know it’s not from working out, you are likely lacking potassium that your body needs. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and if you can’t bear the thought of eating anything at all, blend it up and add it to a smoothie. Gulp it down and the body will respond to the added potassium that it desperately needs. If you’re making a smoothie, you can add a couple bananas to the mix to consume more potassium at once.

Spice it Up a Bit

The best way to rid the body of toxins is to sweat them out and nothing gets you sweating more than a kick of spice. Spice things up with a pinch of cayenne pepper. Most hangover cures promote liver function stimulation by suggesting methods that break down the alcohol, but sweating is equally effective. In addition, the consumption of spicy foods will force you to drink water, which you need as much water as you can tolerate to prevent dehydration.

Sprite Makes the List

There are rare, if any occasions when you will be encouraged to consume soda, but this time is the exception. Recent studies suggest that Sprite may be the new leading cure for hangovers. Why, you ask? Acetaldehyde, is a chemical produced during the processing of alcohol, and it also leads to those terrible hangovers. At some point, the acetaldehyde transforms into acetate and the hangover symptoms are less harsh, almost nonexistent. A recent study indicated that Sprite expedites the transformation of acetaldehyde into acetate, which helps to decrease the longevity of a hangover. If you have a night of heavy drinking planned, add Sprite to the list of things to drink and you just might be glad you did.


Research indicates that consuming honey, or more directly the fructose it contains, causes a digestion battle with the alcohol. The body is prompted to eliminate the alcohol quicker. Add the honey to a cup of tea or drizzle it on dry toast for easier consumption. It may be easy to just take a teaspoon of it and swallow but either way, get it down to rid the headache.

There are several remedies out there but many prefer the eggs for hangovers for one reason or another. One of the above may work wonders for your hangover or you could try a combination of them to acquire quicker relief. Hangovers are common but the cures can be out of this world!

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